Keep your Kids Entertained with Bed Canopies

My children are a real handful, although I’m sure I’m not the only parent who feels that. I suppose I should be happy that they have such vivid imaginations, and I am, but it can just get so draining when then are forever going off on some new tangent and it can be really difficult to keep up. I’d like to be able to hire some part time home help, just somebody who could take them off my hands for a few hours each week, but it’s just too prohibitively expensive. It almost seems that it would be cheaper to be a stay at home mum then go to work and spend all your earnings on child care!

I’ve come to the conclusion that the key is to give your children things that keep them occupied on their own. Now I don’t want you to think that I don’t give my children plenty of attention, I do, but sometimes it’s great if you can give them something that they can be inspired by on their own. I recently bought both my son and daughter two simple bed canopies for their beds and for the last week they’ve totally been entertaining themselves.

It helps if you can give them plenty of silly clothes so they can play dress up as well. Then off they go and create imaginary worlds and stories for themselves. So much safer then letting them play out on the streets and so much better for their imaginations as well. Of course I had to lay down a few ground rules as well because they get so into their fantasy worlds that sometimes they get a bit exuberant. Especially my young boy who invariably ends up playing some kind of all action hero! I had to explain that swinging from his bed canopy wasn’t going to work very well either for him or the bed!