Invest Early in a Toddler Gate

It can be somewhat nerve wracking taking care of a young toddler, or a baby who is just learning to get around by themselves whether by crawling or in a baby walker. Even though they may appear to be slow and clumsy, it is amazing how quickly they can move from one location to another.  One of the best investments you can make to help ensure the safety of your youngster is a toddler or baby gate. In fact, many homes with young children benefit from having a few baby gates located in strategic locations around the home. Of course, once your child is old enough to climb over the gate, or has figured out how to open it, they will lose their effectiveness but while a child is young they do a very good job of sealing off areas of the home where you do not want your toddler to go.

baby gates for stairs

Baby Gates for Stairs

There is a huge variety of different gates to choose from. Some are designed specifically to head off a child from attempting to manouver stairways, while others are made to fit within a door frame. You can also choose between a variety of designs, material and height of the gate as well. Depending on the make, the size and the material the gate is made from, prices can range anywhere from around $15 to as expensive as $100.  Usually, most people find the more moderately priced gates that you can buy at Wal-Mart for example are adequately suited to their needs. If you want something that is more stylish, or a designer brand you could check out the baby stores.  Finally, searching online will reveal a huge selection of gates to choose from.

One place you will definitely want to place a baby safety gate is at the top and the bottom of any stairways you have in your  home, including stairs that lead down to a basement.  You will most likely also want to seal off some of the more dangerous rooms via a toddler safety gate, such as kitchens, handyman areas and garages for example. It is also great to have one on hand to use to seal off a room and contain your child in it, especially if you need to pop into the bathroom or you are on the phone.

Most parents find they are able to relax more when they do have the added safety of safety gates installed around their home, especially baby gates for stairs.  You will be able to rest assured that your child is safe and will not wander off when you are not looking and get into danger.