Intriguing Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Your wedding centerpieces can make or break your big day. Your guests will remember your dress, your vows, your cake, and the strange looking things that were sitting on the table. Of course, they will also remember the uncle or aunt that had a little too much champagne…

To detract from your inappropriate relatives, you should use clever centerpieces. They add flavor to the room, keep table cloths from flying all over the place, and can fill up lulls in conversation during the dreaded 7-minute-silence.

Flowers are a standard centerpiece, and no wedding is complete without them, but you can compliment your flowers with accessories. Wedding balloons or feathers are good options. Tall, colorful feathers placed in clear glass vases are a good choice. You may also use tiny wispy feathers in big bunches, placed in a shallow bowl or saucer. In both cases, artificial feathers are preferable, to avoid irritating allergies and animal rights activists.

Candles are another good choice. Scented candles floating in bowls of colored water are romantic and can be quite soothing. They have the added benefit of keeping flies away. You can select candle shapes that follow your wedding theme, or that reflect your personality. For an added touch, you can pick colors, shapes and scents that are specific to your guests. The colored water should be edible – for the children’s sake.

Keep in mind that candles and feathers do not go with fans or breezes, so they are best placed in sheltered sections of the room. Also, use small candles to avoid creating fire hazards. Ideally, the height of the candle should not stretch more than two inches above the bowl or saucer it’s floating in.

Colored marbles make beautiful centerpieces. Arrange a handful of them in a shallow see-through bowl for an unusual effect. Combine marbles of different sizes and styles, and your guests will be staring at them for ages, especially during speeches. You should be warned that small, shiny things have a way of sneaking into people’s purses and pockets, especially when there are many of them. Your bowl of marbles may be down to three before anyone starts to feel guilty about pinching them. But even if you lose your marbles, they rank quite highly when it comes to great wedding centerpiece ideas.