Why You May Need An Immigration Attorney

An immigration attorney has many different benefits and services they can provide you.  They can be an information resource to you as explore your immigration needs, inform you of the necessary forms you need and in general be an educated ally for you.

Let’s look at a specific example such as a k3 marriage visa.  If you are a foreign spouse to an US citizen and are now looking to live in the United States, then you will need to apply for a k3 visa.  Where complications arise is through the overall process itself.  The US citizen actually starts the process by filing a petition within the United States.  If approved, then this will be forward along to the U. S. consulate of the spouse.  At this time the foreign spouse will need to file the right forms with the U.S. consulate for themselves as well as any children that may be coming.

Working with an immigration attorney can help through all the process that happens above.  This is done in several ways. First is to ensure both parties (the U.S. citizen and the foreign spouse) meet eligibility.  If one of the individuals were previously married and now divorced, then the proper documentation needs to be gathered and part of the file as it will be required to show proof with the U.S. consulate.  Then of course just ensuring the file is in order and nothing is missing.  This is such a huge, life altering decision a couple is making and it’s nice to know that it is being handled by a professional.  Imagine going through all of this and delay it due to a poorly organized file.

An immigration attorney can be of good use for such an important event for you and your foreign spouse.  Working one that has experience specifically in k3 visas or k1 visas is a good way to ensure you are in knowledgeable hands.