Ice Cream Maker for Frozen Treats

If your family loves Flurries, Blizzards or other treats that combine candy bars with ice cream, an ice cream maker can allow you to make these great treats at home a gallon at a time. You can save money and provide some great family fun. In addition, you may choose to lower the fat or sugar content to your own wishes.

To make the cold and refreshing treats for the family, you will need all the ingredients for you your favorite home made vanilla ice cream. In addition, you will want to have the favorite one or two large candy bars. Store candy bars in the freezer until ready for use. Place in a zip storage bag, place on a sturdy cutting board and give a few hits with a hammer to break the bar into small bits.

the little man, with a kid-sized coneFill the canister of the ice cream freezer about three quarters full with the ice cream mix and add the broken candy bar. Do not overfill the ice cream machine or your finished product will be very soft. Follow the freezer directions for freezing the mix and ripening the ice cream. Carefully remove the excess ice and salt from the machine, wipe the lid of the canister and serve the frozen concoction to the family.

Ice cream maker machines can also be used for other favorite frozen treats. Try filling the machine with your favorite soda and allowing to freeze for about fifteen minutes. The result is a great slush. If you add milk to a two liter fruit flavored soda to fill the canister to the 3/4 mark and freeze, you will have a tasty sherbet. Choose diet soda for a sugar free variety that cannot be bought in stores. Add all your favorite margarita ingredients and allow the freezer to churn to make approximately one gallon of frozen margaritas for your next party.