How to to talk to your kids

Talking to your teenager kids can be a little tricky sometimes. They reach this age of rebellion and you need to be a little more subtle if you don’t want to fight with them all the time. The most important thing is to always remain calm. Don’t yell, don’t try to make them feel guilty about some things. Also try to avoid forbidding them from doing something, this will push them to go ahead and do it, just to spite you.

Saying no

So you can’t forbid them, how can you say no then? Express your opinion and bring arguments. Tell them why you think it’s wrong. At the same time grant them the freedom to make their own choices but explain to them what kind of responsibility it implies. Explain to the best of your ability the possible consequences they will have to face if they choose their course of action. ¬†Always remain calm, even if they will try to lower the conversation into a fight, and use emotional blackmail and other nasty “weapons” that they learn how to use at this age. Don’t lose your temper, explain the same idea again with different words.

Just a friend

It is important to avoid being just their friend. They have enough friends, they actually need a parent. If you fell into this trap, try to fix it as soon as possible. You will notice a drastic reaction from them. Maybe they will stop listening to you altogether and write a love sms while ignoring you. You need to become a moral compass for them and not just a friend to talk to and a shoulder to whine on. It would be best to do this from an early age, but many parents think that being a friend to their children will prevent them from spacing them out in their teen years. Then they will notice that it didn’t happen.


Becoming a parent and avoiding the dreaded “friend-zone” means you will have to stand by your words with your own life. Be an example and not only preach about morality. Later on this will make the difference between receiving cheap postcards for Christmas or a warm visit with their families.