How to Quit Drinking When You Feel Trapped in Addiction

Most people who are struggling to overcome alcoholism are going to need some help to do it. This is, in fact, a large part of what defines alcoholism in the first place.  If you can just stop on your own then you probably don’t really qualify as a real, hard core alcoholic.  By definition, those who do not need help in order to learn how to quit drinking are not really alcoholics.

These distinctions might sound trivial but really they are quite important, and they are relevant to the process of surrender and recovery itself.  Those who are not struggling in a big way with the bottle are not yet in a position to really change their life.  In other words, if you are a real alcoholic, but things are just “not that bad yet,” then you are not in a position to change your life.  That is not a person who is able to make big changes and turn their life around.  No, the alcoholic who is still “getting by OK” probably has to do some more uncontrollable drinking in order to get to a place in their life where they can really surrender.  This is called “hitting bottom.”  This is the point where you break through your denial.

If you really want to know how to stop drinking alcohol then you are going to have to take real action in your life.  This is why hitting bottom is so critical: until that happens, nothing is really going to change.  The amount of effort that is needed to overcome alcoholism is enormous.  The amount of change that needs to happen in the life of the alcoholic is truly huge.  So this is the key to breaking free from the trap and busting through your denial.  You must hit bottom and vow to take action.  You must surrender and stop struggling against that which you cannot control.  This is the path to real freedom.