How to Properly Care Your Hard Hats

If your job requires you to wear your own hard hat for safety then you should know how to take care of it as well. A construction hard hat may be the best example of a hard hat and it is also the most common type too. Proper care can give you years of safety plus you will be sure it can protect you back.

If you get to keep your own hat on your first day on the job, label it accordingly. Write your name with a permanent marker on the inside of the hat. This will make sure that no one uses this hat but you and in turn it is your duty to take care of it by heart. If possible, new hard hats must be given to new employees and must have their own separate lockers or places where they can place them. If you have your own locker then make sure there is a place to store your hard hat along with all your safety equipment.

After every day in the field or factory, make sure your hat is clean of any debris. Wash it with detergent and water and wipe dry. Do not use corrosive materials to clean it since it may erode the plastic surface and damage the hat. If it has padding and bracing on the inside, make sure those areas are clean too.

Inspect hat for cracks or tears. Small cracks can be potentially hazardous so ask for a replacement immediately. Do not attempt to wear a compensated hat in the workplace. Talk to your manager immediately about replacing it before you proceed to your post.

Never apply pressure on the hard hat while it is stored or place it near extreme temperatures. In time, exposure to these can make the plastic break and crack exposing your head to potential danger if worn.

Take care of your hard hat so it can protect you back. Be safe in the workplace and wherever you are.