How to Make a Tiered Birthday Cake for Your Child

If you have the right implements in the house, making a 2 tier cake for your child’s birthday cake shouldn’t be difficult. The guide below assumes that the cakes you are going to arrange in layers have been baked and covered with icing.

Cake cardboard circles and plastic dowels – home made stands
The dowels are for supporting the lower tier of the cake. They should be cut in lengths equal to the height of the cake. You also need one larger and one smaller cardboard circle.

  1. Place the bottom cake in center of the larger cardboard circle on the cake drum.
  2. Place the smaller cardboard circle on top of the first cake in exact center and in such a way as to leave its mark on the icing.
  3. Lift the cardboard off and mark four corners of a square within the outline it produced on the first cake.
  4. Place 4 dowels into the points you marked.
  5. Replace the smaller cardboard circle on the first cake and gently center the second cake on it.
  6. Drive a long wooden stick through the center top of the upper cake all the way down to the cake drum.

Commercial 2 tier cake stands
You may also purchase stands from live stores or from your local party supplies store. These are mostly made of metal or plastic and come in decorative shapes. The tiers are not piled one on top of the other and there is typically a considerable space intervening between tiers. Some stands will have a central shaft so you will need to bake your cake with a hole through the center. There are baking tins made especially for this purpose. Other stands, typically those where the cakes are off-center, don’t require any special baking. Although you may want to use a set of novelty cake tins for full effect Some prefer metal stands, others prefer home-made tiers. It is really just a matter of taste and finding the best design for your child.