How to Find Local Dog Kennels

Finding good local dog kennels can seem intimidating when you are getting ready to board your dog for the first time. No matter where you live, there are sure to be a number of options, some better than others. There are a few ways that one can quickly locate and identify the best local dog boarding kennels that are within your budget.

A great way to get references that you can trust is through your veterinarian or a trainer that you have an existing relationship with. For younger dogs who may have taken puppy or obedience training classes, the instructor can direct you to a boarding facility that will give your dogs exactly what they need in terms of exercise time, space and care. When asking your veterinarian for information, do not just ask for recommendations, ask her where she boards her own dog. This way, you will know that you are dealing with the best.

Bear & AveryAnother way to find solid leads is through a local dog park. On your next outing with your dog, ask some pet owners about their experiences with local kennels. Try to find those with breeds similar to your own dog, as their experiences are the best indicators of what you can expect. Dog lovers are usually more than happy to help guide you to quality services and can be a wealth of true, unbiased information.

Of course, many kennels now have websites or listings online. An online map tool can help you drill down your results to the kennels that are closest to your home. Using one of the many review sites, one can quickly form a picture of the quality of care that a particularly kennel provides. It is important to remember though that one need not exclude new kennels just because they have not had time to collect a large number of online reviews.

There are a number of different avenues through which pet parents can find local quality local dog kennels.