How To Find Babysitter Fees For Your Area

Now that you’ve decided that you want to hire a babysitter you probably have some questions, starting with how does one go about determining a fair rate for babysitter fees and are these babysitting fees negotiable? This article will discuss how to find the going rate for a babysitter in your area.

What Kind of Babysitter Do You Need?

First, determine your child care needs. Are you looking for an occasional babysitter for evenings out with your spouse? Are you looking for a one-time babysitter for a special occasion? Or are you looking for a permanent babysitter to care for your children while you work? Your particular situation will determine what you will need to look for in a babysitter and what you will pay for a babysitter. Once you determine your family’s need, then begin your research into the babysitter fees in your area.

If your need is for an occasional babysitter for evenings out with your spouse or a one-time special event, then start by asking your friends and family what they are paying for babysitter fees. Make sure to qualify their feedback with what type of babysitter they are using. For instance, do you prefer using a teenager or an older adult? After locating and choosing someone to provide babysitting services, check their references and if you feel comfortable doing so, you can ask their references what they pay that particular babysitter. When contacting your babysitter to set up dates and times, find out how much they charge ahead of time. If they are a teenager, they may have a hard time setting a fee, so be sure and work out a fair amount ahead of time. Often the fee for a one time or occasional arrangement will be significantly more per hour than if you are reserving a permanent place in a licensed child care program while you are working. Although if you are securing a babysitter to come into your home to babysit on a regular schedule while you work either part time or full time, you should expect to pay more than you would for a licensed day care program.

If your need is for a permanent placement for your child while you work, you will want to find a licensed babysitter in your area. First it should be noted that most licensed babysitters prefer to be called child care providers. To find out the going rate for licensed babysitters, again start with your friends. Ask them for recommendations and find out if they are comfortable discussing what they pay their babysitter. If there is a child care resource and referral program in your area, they may be able to provide you with a market rate survey. This survey will give an average of the going rate for babysitting in your area. You can also call around or visit local child care programs to learn more about their rates and what their programs offer. Whether you are committing to a child care program or hiring a babysitter to come into your home, make sure to check the references of the babysitter or day care that you choose.

Are Child Care Fees Negotiable?

Lastly, are babysitter fees negotiable? If you are hiring a babysitter to come into your home for occasional babysitting or hiring someone to work in your home full-time caring for your children, then often you can negotiate a rate with them. Licensed babysitters or child care providers are gong to be less flexible with their rates, but they may still be willing to work with you. If your need is for less than full-time care, then see if the licensed babysitter has fees for part-time or drop-in care.

Hopefully this article has helped you to take a daunting task and break it down into manageable steps. Good luck to you as you begin your search for the right babysitter for your family.