How To Catch Your Cheating Spouse

Are you convinced that your spouse is having an affair? If you’ve already read up on signs of a cheating spouse, you should take the time to read ways on how to catch a cheating spouse. It is important to know how to gather factual evidence; without the proper proof you should NOT confront a cheater. Confronting a suspected cheater without evidence of actual cheating will just lead you to petty “he said, she said” arguments that will most likely make your spouse a better cheater. Keep the urge to confront them until after you have tried out these methods to gather proof of an affair.

How To Catch Your Spouse Cheating :

1. Do you notice your spouse using the internet for an unnatural amount of time? They could be going to dating sites, socializing with other people of the opposite sex using secret social site accounts, using emails you have never heard of, or going to adult chat rooms. To catch them cheating you can either install a keylogger, to monitor their online activities, or if you know their social site profiles or dating sites, create your own profile and “bait” them into cheating with you. If your spouse is not tech savvy, you can check up on your internet browsing history to see where they go online; if they are tech savvy you will have no choice but to use a keylogger cause they most likely delete the internet history to cover their tracks.

2. Spouse keeps working overtime? A simple yet effective way to catch a cheating spouse for free is keeping a daily record of the amount of miles they’ve traveled, and money spent on gas. A spouse that uses the overtime excuse has no reason to be spending more money on gas, or traveling more than they used to. You will notice when you’ve started record keeping that their mileage will spike on the days that they can’t explain where they were or when they had to do “overtime”. Although this does not provide you with as much data as a GPS tracker would, it will still give you an idea of when they cheat; there’s also no way they can lie to you about what the car mileage says, the lack of increase in their pay for all the overtime, and the increase in gas bills.

3. Credit car bills, like paychecks, don’t lie. If you can get hold of your spouse’s credit card bills, you could monitor their spendins. Look for things like buying chocolates, flowers, and other type of common dating gifts. Also, list down everything that is unfamiliar to you; such as vague charges from unknown companies, anything with a .com, .net, .org, or other common website extensions. Charges from vague companies, or unknown websites maybe a dating site, or an adult site; it’s common for these two types of sites to mask their actual name or website to protect the privacy of their customers.

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