Helping Your Teen Deal With Acne

Acne is an unfortunate part of life for many teenagers. As puberty hits, hormones start to kick into high gear and one unpleasant result is acne. This can cause a lot of problems for appearance-conscious teens, not only physically but also psychologically. Thankfully there are ways to help keep breakouts under control and with the internet more information than ever is available for parents who want to help their teens deal with this issue.

Many teens are at the age where they are just starting to date. Looks count for a lot at this time. Everyone wants to look good and acne can really wreak havoc on a teen’s appearance. Even though many of them are undergoing these changes at the same time, acne seems to strike some people harder than others. For those teens who have severe breakouts, some things you can do to help them feel better about their appearance include playing up their other features. For example, take your daughter to a nice hair salon so she can get a great cut and color. Go clothes shopping with your teen as a new wardrobe can also build confidence when it comes to appearance.

Parents who want to help might also provide their teen with products that can help reduce acne. Acne Tips 101 is a website filled with a lot of helpful advice on dealing with breakouts. Although doctors can help, many parents want to use a dermatologist only as a last resort. No one wants their child to start taking prescription medicine unless it’s absolutely necessary. Many parents choose to start by using a natural acne remedy before moving on to treatments sold in stores. There are many products marketed toward this age range. Look for products with benzoyl peroxide, which can be very effective for teenage acne. Products labeled for teens also tend to be a bit gentler than their adult counterparts.

It’s also important to keep building a teenager’s self esteem. Unfortunately, some teens might get teased at school about their appearance. Many times, they don’t report this to their school or even their parents because they are embarrassed. Holding these feelings inside can be very damaging to a person psychologically. It’s important to build up your child’s confidence every chance you get. Specific praise about something your child is particularly good at works much better than generic “You’re the best” praise. Encourage your teen to join activities that interest him or her, especially outside of the school where they meet a different crowd of people than the ones at their school where they might fit in better, such as going to a dance school or a community-sponsored sports team. If you notice signs of withdrawal, try to open up the lines of communication with your teen.

The teenage years can be difficult and for those dealing with acne, it can be even more complicated than it needs to be. You can help your teen get through these years by providing support and understanding as well as a strong family bond.