Helpful Steps To Prevent SIDS

Despite there not being one single cause which has been narrowed down as the explicit reason for SIDS, there are still many preventive measures that new parents can employ which are thought to heavily reduce the chances of SIDS striking and taking the innocent life of their child.  As new information and research is furthered, more and more measures in which parents can reduce their child’s likelihood of succumbing to SIDS will be developed.

The very important measure to take is to make sure that the room in which your child is sleeping in is ventilated properly.  The main reason for this is to ensure that your child doesn’t prevent the same hair which he is already exhaled earlier in the night.  Due to this theory, a large number of parents are making sure their children go to bed alongside a running fan.  Studies over the years have proven that this practice has reduced the risk of SIDS by a whopping 70%, which makes this practice of keeping a fan running during the night one of the most popular by newborn parents.

Another very important preventive action is one that many parents should already know and understand, but unfortunately frequently neglect due to ignorance and other unfortunate factors.  Keeping your body in great physical condition while pregnant is of the utmost importance as your health directly of facts your child’s health.  Taking proper prenatal care is incredibly important and should be taken very seriously.  Parents who participate in drug and alcohol abuse during their pregnancy are very likely to deliver premature and unhealthy children.  Children who are born underdeveloped and premature are much more likely to contract SIDS and become another statistic.

In addition to the two aforementioned preventative methods, it is equally important to never allow cigarette smoke to enter your child’s lungs.  This means that you cannot allow your child to be around others who are smoking, and especially not smoke yourself while you were carrying another life inside your stomach.

If you employ these methods successfully then your child will be at a lesser risk of dying from SIDS.  In addition to the aforementioned methods, there are now SIDS monitors which help in preventing SIDS.