Handmade Plastic and Magnetic Name Tags for Clothes

Whether you are in the workplace, church, school, or have hosted a gathering of any sort, you are probably familiar with magnetic name tags for clothes.  You can buy them at craft stores, customize them online, or make them at home.  The simplest way, if you want a name tag that will last, is to make it at home.  Magnets can be bought at craft stores, usually for about a dollar apiece, along with any other supplies you might not already have on hand.  Depending on how long you plan to use your name tag, you may choose a thin metal, wood, or laminated paper front.  You can simply draw or paint the name directly on the material, and super glue is usually enough to hold the magnet onto the back of your name plate.
Although magnetic name tags for clothes are ideal if you are only planning to make one or two, plastic badge holders may be the more practical way to go for a larger number of tags.  These are often worn around the neck on a lanyard or chain, but if you are making them yourself and want to save money a few lengths of yarn or string will work fine.  The plastic holders themselves can usually be found at Dollar General, Wal-Mart, or any other general supplies store in your town.  Particularly dexterous people may want to try making their own with clear packing tape and squares of construction paper:  just make four squares of tape and place the adhesive sides together to form two squares, then tape three of the edges together, leaving the fourth open at the top.  Paper name tags should slip in easily and can be changed if necessary.  Punch two holes at the top and thread the string or yarn through, and your plastic badge holders are ready to go.