Two Easy Halloween Decoration Projects

If you’re already planning your Halloween party or at least thinking about decorating your house for Halloween, you’re not alone.  As soon as the kids go back to school, I can’t help but think about Halloween! You could always buy Halloween decorations, of course, but it’s obviously much more satisfying to craft your own. If you think you can’t do it because you’re not talented enough, you might want to think again; because the simple Halloween decoration projects below are easy enough for just about anyone to make:

Vintage Halloween Garland
This project uses vintage Halloween cards you can find on the Internet. To use them, download them to your computer and print them onto card stock at about 6 inches wide (or tall, if they’re vertical). Then, use a hole puncher to put holes on both sides of each card top and string black or orange ribbon or rope through the holes. Make sure the long end of the ribbon or string is hidden in back of the cards, so it doesn’t cover up the images. Also, leave enough string or ribbon on each end so you can hang the garland on a wall. String as many of the cards together as you need to get the garland length you want. You can even add Halloween clipart or store-bought decorations, such as holiday-themed floral items or foam Halloween shapes from the craft store, between the cards.

Halloween Clipart Wreath
This project requires a little bit more skill and time than the garland, but it’s still very simple. The use of Halloween clipart from the Web and a few store-bought items makes it go together relatively quick and easy. First, go on the Web to find Halloween clipart you can download to your hard drive and print. Then, get a wreath wrapped in black tinsel for Halloween. You can usually find them during September or October in craft stores. If you can’t find one, use a plain white or green Styrofoam wreath instead. You’ll also need at least three spools of matching wide Halloween themed ribbon in seasonal colors, such as black, orange, green and magenta and some short straight pins. If you can match the ribbon color to your clip art, so much the better.

Once you have the clip art, pop it into Microsoft Word and size it to approximately two to four inches high, depending on the diameter of your wreath. Put as many pieces as will fit on one page and then print it onto card stock. Once printed, cut around the clipart with manicure scissors, so the backgrounds are gone. If you’re using a plain Styrofoam wreath, wrap it with the ribbon. For either wreath type, use the ribbon to make simple bows that are appropriately sized for both the ribbon and the wreath and attach them with pins around the front of the wreath. You can also do the back if you want it to look fuller. When the entire wreath is covered with the bows so it looks pretty full, arrange the clipart pieces at intervals and pin them in place. If need be, keep adding more bows and clip art until the wreath looks full. You can also add plastic spiders or other Halloween items to fill out the wreath; these can usually be easily found at the dollar store or craft stores around Halloween.

As you can tell, these decorations are pretty easy to make, even for kids (with supervision, of course, if they’re very young). So if you want a few Halloween projects your family can do together this year, you might want to try these!