Gummi Crib Rail Shopping Tips

So, you think the worst was over, baby is sleeping at night (at least more or less regularly) and you have given into the illusion that peace is back at home. And then the teething starts. But before you even see the first pearly white baby tooth, you notice that your cute little sunshine starts to resembles more and more a hungry puppy and starts to chew on whatever it can lay hands, sorry gums on. Babies, like puppies, chew to alleviate the pain and general discomfort that comes with the break through of their first teeth. They even chew your furniture. Whilst you can put your puppy into a metal dog crate that is “chew safe”, doing the same with your little human treasure is obviously out of question. So, you need to protect your furniture, baby crib included, hence enters the gummi crib rail protection. Whilst you can protect your other furniture by simply supervising your baby or toddler, the crib is the place that needs some extra attention simply for the reason that baby spends most of its time, awake or asleep, in it. And when it wakes up, it will start to chew the rail. Not only is that bad for the look of the crib, baby can also hurt itself with wooden splinters or swallow bits it has chewed off. Not very healthy either.

Different types of rail protection
Before just settling for the first solution that comes to your mind, hold fire for a moment and think of what you exactly expect from your new purchase. Chances are that you would like it to protect the crib rail (sic!), is easy to apply and to care for and safe for your baby and for your furniture

Fabric crib rail protections might look nice, but they don’t fulfill all these requirements, but crib rail protections made from gummi do! They are easy to apply, non-toxic, easy to clean and, nearly, invisible. What more do you wish for? Ok, they don’t babysit your little treasure, nor do they sing it a lullaby, but apart of this, they do a brilliant job!


Gummi crib rail protections, protect your furniture and your baby likewise. The gummi version is pretty much invisible, cleaned simply with warm soapy water and lasts for a long time. Just follow the instructions of the manufacturer and you should be good to go until your baby / toddler is out of chewing and gnawing age. But don’t relax just now and think the worst is over, soon the toddler tantrums will start. Just to keep you on your toes and alert. But that would be material for another blog post…