Beware of Phony Green or Organic Products

This whole “green” movement as it’s being called is getting way out of hand. As many people predicted, major corporations are making a killing off of it. And the insane thing about it is that those who supposedly are behind the green movement and anti corporation involvement are the same ones helping the corporations make a killing!

When it comes to the green initiative, people are leaving common sense behind. At one time, they would read consumer reviews before running out and buying anything, green or otherwise.

Now with just the mention of the word “Green” or “Organic” on the label, they snatch it up without even thinking.

If they would only take a few minutes and educate their self about these products, they might not be so fast to buy them. Of course, when this whole movement started, many corporations were at the fore front of getting legislation passed both on the state and national level that would help them, not the consumers. Most consumers would be surprised to find out what kind of conditions that Chickens, Beef and Pork can live in and still be considered to be a Green product or labeled Organic.

In some states, there is little or no legislation at all. Nearly any product can be labeled Green or Organic. Even in some of the more legislated states, there are numerous loopholes that allow produce to be labeled Organic when it is being grown no different than mass grown produce. About the only difference is the cost to the consumer and the profit on the corporations spreadsheet!

If you really want to go Green or Organic, that’s great! But don’t simply put your head in the sand and blindly follow some of the people leading the charge. Why? Because many of them are nothing more than corporate employees paid to pose as concerned citizens.