Green Cleaning Supplies for Removing Grape Juice Stains

Grape juice stains are difficult because it has natural dark pigments. These dark pigments can be difficult to remove from clothing and carpets. Specially designed cleaning supplies are often expensive and not environmentally friendly. Below are some tips on how to clean grape juice stains with green cleaning supplies and possibly save some money.

Splashing GrapesBecause grape juice has dark pigments you will want to clean it up with something that is light in color to try and fade away the dark color. One item that is often used is lemon juice. Instead of paper towels make sure have a reusable wash cloth or towel on hand that you don’t mind getting dirty. First you should blot the stain with the reusable wash cloth or towel to soak up any excess grape juice then apply the lemon juice to the stain. Let the lemon juice soak in then blot again to soak up any remaining juice. Repeating this several times should help diminish the color. If you do not have lemons or lemon juice on hand another option is to use tonic water or vinegar to lighten the stain. Simply repeat the same steps above until the color is lightened. This method is best for stains on carpet or furniture.

If you should happen to get grape juice on your clothing, you can use the same method as above or try laundry detergent that is environmentally friendly. Arm and Hammer Essentials is an environmentally friendly product that you can put into the wash and has been known to remove grape juice stains fairly easily. Use cold water in the wash to conserve energy and do not place the item in the dryer until the stain is completely gone as the heat will set the stain. Repeat the wash cycle until the stain is gone.

Whenever possible, using green cleaning supplies is the smart way to go with any household cleaning chore.