Gormiti Toys Are All The Rage

The new Gormiti Invincible Lords Of Nature toys are fun for the whole family! In 2005 Gormiti toys was first introduced.  The story line of this very popular game is that on a distant island a very long time in the past people lived in harmony. It islands name is Gorm and one day the lovely green island turned black and become a very empty and dull place. The story line is detailed almost like a normal science fiction book.  In the game you must fight for the future of the island and defend it from enemies and those ruling against it.

The main part of Gormit toys is a Pvc Action figurine along with a trading card. The figurine only is 2 inches tall but has a lot of power. Many of the figurines have weapons with them. The toys are sold in blind boxes so that each toy is surprise.  There is no telling what  your child will be getting. With these tiny yet unique figurines your child can have hours of play . Every figurine has a number on it’s foot along with a trading card. The cards can be used to play the card game. The higher the number of the card the better and that higher numbered creature will win.

Your child can choose from a number of sets to choose from. They can choose to play lava,forest,earth ,air and of course sea.  Like other trading card games each figurine has it’s own unique disadvantages and advantages. These advantages make the game unique and fun. The game has many different possible outcomes because it depends completely on what sides the players choose to fight for.

The game is rather simple, and perfect to play for kids. It’s easy to learn, and the math and strategies taught will help them to develop their skills.

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