Google For Kids- A Safe Search Every Time

Have you noticed or heard about all of the harmful things that are available on the internet? Google for kids is a kid friendly search engine that will protect your child’s eyes from having to see all of the things that you do not want for them to see. This is a search engine that was designed by Google to shield your child from viewing unsavory websites or getting themselves into a dangerous situation. If you have a child that you are letting use the internet and want to learn more about Google for kids and teens then you will want to continue reading this information. You will find tips that will help you to use Google to keep your child safe.

One thing that you may want to do when you are letting your kids use the internet is to bookmark the Google for kids website. This will ensure when they get onto the computer they can open up Google for kids and search for anything that they would like. This means that they will have a great online experience and you will not have to worry about the material that is being returned to them when they are doing searches for different things that they are interested in.

There are preferences that you can customize and save into your computer that will give you assurance that your child is only being allowed to do the things that you have selected. You will want to be sure that you read through the preferences carefully; especially if your child is young. As your child develops into a teenager you may want to relax some of the preferences that you have selected and you will be able to do that at any time.

One thing that you may want to check to make sure you have the right filters turned on is the Google images for kids. There are filters that will block any images that you do not want for your child to see. If your child is young then there are a lot of images that you will want to keep blocked from them. You will be able to block any type of images that you want with the image filters.

If you want to show your children something really neat then get them on Google Earth for kids. You will be able to see different parts of the Earth through satellite photos that are taken from outer space. Children who may be learning about space in school will find this very fascinating and are sure to want to learn more after you introduce them to the great program.

Google for kids
is a great idea for any parent who wants to give their child the freedom to get on the internet but still wants to protect them at the same time. There are several learning tools that can be found on the computer as well as games that children enjoy. If you do not want for your children to stumble across the wrong type of websites be sure that you configure your preferences to block out all of the things that you do not approve of.