Go Trick or Treating with a Lady Bug Costume this Halloween

Getting a Lady Bug costume is the cutest way to start this Halloween. You get to wear red dress with black polka dots that is absolutely fab and stylish. It has 2 cute wings and an antenna that adds up to the cuteness of the costume.

One great thing about a Lady Bug costume is that you could enjoy your Halloween party with your comfortable outfit. Unlike other scary costumes, wearing a Lady Bug costume Ideas wouldn’t need you to wear thick make-ups and fake blood. That could be messy and would necessitate you to check on your make-up every now and then. Where’s the fun in that?

With a simple yet cute Lady Bug costume, there is no need of checking if your make-up is still there because it will just require you to wear light make-ups. The greatest worry you would have is if your antenna would be out of place. This could be solved though if you’ve bought a costume that comes with a good headband antenna.

Aside from the comfort a Lady Bug costume could bring, you could also wear it in different occasions. The costume is a versatile one that it would not look out of place in a costume birthday party. You could even wear it during school plays if you happen to be the Lady Bug in there. Besides, there are a lot of gatherings that are themed as costume parties. Such as bachelorette party, thanks giving party or Christmases.

You could be meek and docile, or wear your bug costume in a sexy flirty way. There are a lot of different lady bug costume types that you could find in the market. There is always a Lady Bug Costume for all ages, especially babies. Thus, be buggy this Halloween and with other occasions with a Lady Bug Costume!