Go Diego Go Safari Rescue Game

With so many games on the market, the Go Diego Go Safari Rescue deserves a particular mention.  Like the Go Diego Go and Dora the Explorer DVD series, this Wii game is also geared to preschool aged children.  While there is a Windows version of this game available, which is cheaper actually than the Wii version, it is not anywhere near as fun and interactive as the Wii version of the game, and therefore less likely to hold your child’s, or children’s, attention span for as long as the Wii game will.  The Wii version of this game is very well made, keeping the right balance between challenging your child and not making it too hard for the child to be able to learn to play the game by themselves.

Just a small run down of what the game actually consists of:  The two main characters in the game are Maia and Maiasaurus, who are trying to get from where they are to Egg Island.  To get Maia and Maiasaurus where they want to go, the preschooler will have to go through five different game levels and do pogo jumping, rock climbing and monkey bar crossing, to name a few different things.  There are also other games and fun puzzles that come with this game.

Go Diego Go

It should be noted that while the Go Diego Go Safari Rescue does have its educational benefits, if you are looking for something more educational for your preschooler, then the Dora the Explorer and Go Diego Go DVD shows may be more up your alley.  However, as mentioned above, Go Diego Go Safari Rescue does have some educational aspects to it, although it is mainly a ‘just for fun’ game that your child can enjoy playing for a reasonable amount of time.

While your child will likely need some help initially to get the game up and running, to understand what the options presented on the menu mean, etc., the game is designed in such a way that a preschool child of say, four years of age, could learn to handle and play the game alone or with another child in a short span of time, although if you would like to ensure a happy calm playtime, having the child play alone is the simplest option.  When having a second child play, which is possible since Go Diego Go Rescue Safari does have a second player option, be sure to be within earshot or in the room to supervise, as the second player does not have as many options as the first player and your children may need some help in sorting out any disagreements that may arise because of this.