Giving Autonomy through Kids Bedding

If you’re the type of parent who’s blessed with knowing exactly what your kid likes in her room, then you won’t have a hard time looking for kids bedding that matches her colorful personality. If you have a hard time looking for the perfect bedding though, maybe it’s time to ask you kid for help.

These days, it’s rare for parents not to include their child in decorating options. Involving them in the decision making process promotes personal autonomy. Personal autonomy is important in a child’s growth as it allows their self-esteem to build up. Indeed, the more autonomy we offer our children, the more it self esteem and proper decision making becomes apparent in them. That’s quite an advantage to performing a simple task like looking for kids bedding. In letting your child choose her own interests, it makes her feel that she is valued and important.

Many parents often have a hard time bringing their child with them while shopping because of their child’s tendency to pick one too many bedding sets. Before getting out of the house, talk to your child first and set limits. Tell her that you will only be buying one kids bedding set today and that will be all. If she resists the idea, avoid turning a supposedly fun day into a power struggle by providing healthy options to choose from. Your way or none at all will only turn out ugly as your child will try to make you surrender by attracting everyone’s attention in the mall. If you notice that your child has chosen two trendy sheet sets, turn the situation into a learning experience by showing her the benefits of each design and allow her to choose which one her room needs. You can also distract her attention by telling her that she can call you the moment she’s done choosing so the both of you can finally eat at her favorite fast food restaurant.  Choosing kids bedding can be a fun and rewarding experience for all.