Give Your Pirate Birthday Invitations The Right Feel

Pirate themed birthday parties are very popular today, no doubt, credit to Johnny Depp and co. people of every age from 6 to 60 love becoming pirates for a day. If you are considering a pirate theme for your child’s birthday party, you must consider sending out pirate birthday invitations that give them the feel of the theme in advance and gets the other kids excited.

It would be great if you can send a pirate scroll instead of a birthday party invitation. Let us see how you can make your invitation look like it was sent from a real pirate. You actually don’t need any unique equipment for this. Just normal art paper or plain paper and … wait for it… an oven. I’ll tell you why you need that in a short while, be patient.

First of all write out the invitation in style. Use only the pirate lingo. If you don’t know what that is, maybe watch the Pirates of Caribbean again. The language will help highlight the theme of the party. Also use fonts which look like they have been written by real pirates. MS Gothic or Bookman are suitable fonts for this purpose.

Now print out as many invitations as you want to. One by one, back each of the papers in an oven for some time. Let them become brown. Some parts should be browner than others. This trick makes the paper look old with broken parts in the corner and all. Once that is done, tear some parts of the border of the paper indicating that it is worn over the years.

That, my friends, is what a true pirate birthday invitation looks like. If you have other ideas such as buying a paper that looks like one from the pirates, that is fine, but who doesn’t like a homegrown idea?