Designing a Dream Bedroom for that Special Girl

Every little girl dreams of their dream bedroom. What is the number one dream bedroom for most girls? That would be a princess bedroom of course. So you want to give your girl her princess room but perhaps are on a tight budget. You can still give your little girl her special princess room in a less expensive way than purchasing that officially licensed Cinderella coach bedroom set your child may have had her eye on. Here are some tips to do it on a budget while still making it special.

Step 1: The Paint
For starters you can paint the room in a princess pink and this will really set the mood for a princess room. If you want to be really creative paint a mural of stone wall on one or more of the walls so it’s like your child is really sleeping inside a castle.

Step 2: The Bed
Now if you are on a budget and maybe those special themed beds are too much for you, or you just do not have the room then your alternative choice is a four poster bed that has been especially designed for children. Many are crafted with design details that make the bed look antique, which can really give the bed a princess flare. Then fit the bed with princess theme, or pink sheets bedding. Maybe even buy some sheer fabric and drape over the bed like a canopy veil to give the bed an extra princess touch. The best part about four post beds for children is your child can easily grow with this style of bed. All you have to do is purchase a larger mattress and the bed can still work for a teen and even a young adult. A four poster bed is a bed you truly never out grow and many adults prefer a fancy four poster French bed over any other kind!

Step 3: Accessories
A lot of four poster beds have matching dressers and tables so check in to see if your piece you picked out has matching pieces. A little vanity table is nice touch to put in the room for every princess has to look her best. If your little girl is a Disney Princess’s junkie then you cannot go wrong with decorations on the walls with a variety of Disney Princesses.

Hopefully these ideas will help you create the perfect room for your special girl. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the design and get her to help out with the ideas!