Getting the Best Microscope for Kids

Buying a microscope for your kids is a great way to get them interested in science and the world around them. It’s been shown that kids who are introduced to science at home have a much better time in school with math and sciences and they are better equipped to handle daily challenges that they face. It’s also important to find a good microscope for their age so that they are engaged, but not overwhelmed or bored too quickly. If you’re thinking about buying a microscope for kids, you’ll want to check out the following advice.

The first thing you’ll want to look for is the power or magnification options that the microscope has. Most microscope nowadays have at least two (a low power and a high power) that will cover everything from large items such as hair and skin and bugs, to microscopic items such as microorganisms. Even though most microscopes are fairly inexpensive these days, you can get more value from it if you purchase a whole microscope kit. The best microscope kit for kids will have 20 or more prepared slides that provide a convenient way to expose the children to a variety of microscopic objects. They range from different types of cells, to different animal hairs, to plant spores and more. This variety is better than you would be able to get from one location and since it is already prepared, it’s less work you have to do and more time you can spend with them.

Another great option that is a perfect introduction to technology is to get a cheap USB microscope. These are digital microscopes that can be plugged into just about any computer and with the supplied software you can examine all sorts microscopic stuff. The computer can control the zoom and focus and some microscopes allow you to take pictures and movies so you can document and compare different objects or the same objects over time.