Getting Ready To Play: Finding Softball Gloves

Softball is a wonderful game to play. It is a great way to get outside and get active and incorporates team play as well so you get to make friends and work together as a group with others on your team. Softball is one of the most popular sports in the United States and is played by millions of men, women and children. It is so much fun but before you head out for a game, it is important you get all the right equipment.

There are a few important pieces in particular you will want to get and one is a pair of softball gloves. These help protect the hands when catching the ball and give you more grip for when you throw the ball.

Choosing a pair of fastpitch softball gloves can be a bit tricky. After all, there are one hundred different decisions you have to make. Decide what size of softball gloves you need. You can do this easily enough, by measuring each of your hands from the top of the index finger down to the wrist. This is going to tell you what length of gloves you need. Everyone is different and you should be able to find a decent array of sizes at any store you shop at.

If you are a leftie you need to buy left-handed softball gloves. These are still just as good only built for left-handed players rather than right.

Consider certain brand names when shopping for gloves. Akadema, All Star, Beapro, Brett Bros, Diamond, Easton and Glovesmith are all top picks. These are reputable brands for gloves as well as other softball gear.

Once you have your gloves you will see how much easier it is to play the game wearing them. Your hands will not be rough and sore afterwards and you can maximize your catching and throwing abilities.