Cut Down on Cat Urine Odors

If you are a doting cat parent then you love your kitty, but you do not love the odors that a litter box may emit. Cats need the litter boxes and even when they use it consistently, occasionally it might start to smell.

Here are a few tips to help you get rid of cat urine odor smells for good. To really help combat those odors, you should clean the litter box every time your cat uses it. If you can do this, then you will not have any odors in your home because they won’t have time to sit long in the litter box.

So what if you cannot do this? After all, you probably have a full time job that keeps you away most of the day.

A great solution to this problem is an automatic litter box like the Littermaid LM 900 Mega.

These boxes will help you tremendously to clean out your cat’s litter box as soon as she uses it! Think of it as your personal butler. It does the job that no one else wants to do.

Another way to cut down on odors is to keep your cat’s litter box at least three inches deep. This is the suggestion on most of the cat litter packages. The rationale behind this is to prevent your cat’s urine or feces from touching the box.

If your cat urinates where there is no litter, it will get stuck and pool there where the litter cannot absorb it. This can result in unpleasant odors which will only get worse if it sits there all day without being cleaned.

The best time to ensure it is properly filled is to check it each time you scoop! If it looks low then add some more.
You and your cat will be much happier once you have the odor under complete control, after all; your cat hates odors just like you do!