Creating Fun Teambuilding Activities

Sometimes it can be hard to create a teambuilding activity, let alone create one that is fun and engaging. But it can be simple to turn your teambuilding game into a fun one with just these few additions. Before you know it you’ll have everyone in the office wanting to participate in your fun teambuilding activities and you’ll need a bigger conference room!

Add Some Competition
Nothing is more fun than competing against others at some sort of challenge, even if the only thing you’re winning is bragging rights. Try breaking up your group into smaller ones that all compete for the title of the best team ever (or at least until the next competitive teambuilding activity.)

Add Some Physical Activity
It’s easy to forget that you are at work when you’re playing limbo or throwing a beach ball around, don’t you think? So try adding in a fun physical activity that will get people moving, and also get them thinking more about the fun they are having working as a team than they are about the pile of work on their desk waiting for them to come back to it. Who knows, maybe the exercise will get everyone feeling more productive and more willing to work as a team when they DO get back to their desks!

Add Dynamics
Some things happen when you’re playing teambuilding activities that you don’t and can’t anticipate. If someone makes a good suggestion, or if something happens completely on accident and it changes the dynamic of the game in a good but unexpected game, then roll with it. Allow it to happen and change the game rules or structure to accommodate it. The fun part about fun teambuilding activities is that you hardly ever know exactly what is going to happen at every moment throughout the activity, and the more fun the game, the more things can change while you’re playing!