Fun in Camper Vans

Traveling across the country is a magical experience that should be enjoyed by all. Many hidden secrets are there to explore that often times are virtually in your own backyard. Unfortunately, the expense of hotel stays can put a damper on these kinds of activities especially for families. A good solution is camper vans. You can find them in many different varieties and sizes both new and used. Transportation that doubles as lodging equates into huge savings!

You can find these vehicles in several different makes and models. Many people will even modify stock vans to become campers. Either way there are tons of options available to suit your individual needs. Deluxe models include sleeping quarters as well as cooking and bathroom facilities. Often they will have heaters that can be used when the engine is not running to allow for use in colder temperatures. Simpler models have one or a few of the above options. The options available in this ultra efficient transportation are limited only by your budget.

The efficiency of the camper vans is remarkable. This is true when it comes to the design, use and gas consumption compared to a full size camper. Most designs craftily tuck in a multitude of options in a small space. This is accomplished with folding tables and beds and sometimes even extendable roofing. The use of collapsible and foldable spaces and features allow you to maximize the room when you are not driving. Then when it is time to drive you fold and collapse everything down into a small, compact, and aerodynamic mode of transportation. The smaller package means that you save money on gas, which is good on the wallet and the environment.

It is clear that you save money on lodging when you purchase a camper van. To even further maximize your savings purchase a used model. There are many to choose from and the Internet is an excellent resource to start your search. There are magazines that list used cars that will have a section reserved for finding used camper vans for sale of all sorts. Just by buying one a few years old you can save thousands allowing you to get more options! So, save and explore.