Fun accessories for your Baby’s Room

When you’re decorating your child’s nursery you’ll probably first think about the color scheme and essentials such as storage, what sort of crib to buy and where to put a diaper changing station. Babies’ rooms are not all about function though. Add some fun details like a play rug or rocking horse toy and these can become part of play time as your baby grows older.

A nightlight is always useful for night feeds and for entertaining your baby. Buy one with a moving light show and gentle music to lull your baby to sleep. Even toddlers and older children will enjoy the moving pattern of lights and you can choose them in the theme of stars or nursery rhymes to suit the style of your nursery.

rocking horseA cozy rug is a nice addition, particularly if you have wooden or hard floors. Your baby won’t enjoy lying on a cold hard floor during play time, so a soft rug is essential. You can buy special play rugs with tags, mirrors and bright colors to stimulate your baby’s interest or choose a more decorative rug like a sheepskin that is soft on your baby’s skin.

Decorative toys also look great and will be used more as your child gets bigger. It is possible to buy a plush rocking horse, designed especially for babies and toddlers. These come in a great range of cute colorful animals like bears, elephants and dinosaurs and look really adorable in a baby’s bedroom.

As well as furniture for your baby, you’ll also probably want to include a comfortable chair for you. This can be used for nursing your baby or just holding him as you lull him off to sleep. As children grow older they will enjoy sitting in this chair with you and hearing a bedtime story before you tuck them in.