Inexpensive Ingredients, Delicious Meals: Frugal Cooking

The debates rage on in Congress about the cost of food and its effect on American families. Protesters lament the fact that a bag of potato chips is more affordable than fresh produce. For large or low-income families, it can seem impossible to cook delicious, healthy meals for affordable prices. But such does not have to be the case. Frugal cooking does not have to equate to sacrificing healthy, delicious ingredients. It does require a little extra work in shopping, coupon hunting and creativity.

For any family trying to make the switch from expensive grocery bills and shelves full of unhealthy snack food, the first effort to be made is to begin coupon hunting. Most grocery stores print ads in the Sunday paper (and increasingly coupons are available online) for discounted food products. Clipping coupons may be a boring and even frustrating process, but the savings ultimately make the effort worth the spent time.

Along with coupon clipping, sale shopping can make buying groceries more affordable and increase the range of what a person can afford. Produce, for example, will often be on a rotating, sale run and delicious greens can be purchased for as much as a fifty percent discount. Frozen vegetables (equal in nutritional value to fresh vegetables) are also a good item to bargain shop for, and when it comes to meat, sale shopping can make even steaks affordable. The idea is to be on the lookout. An experienced sale shopper should never have need to buy groceries at full price.

Lastly, creativity is a necessity. Online cookbooks can outline step-by-step recipes for healthy balanced meals that will appeal to children and adults the same. Finding these recipes on online forums makes them free of charge. Gathering a few trusted recipes and branching out on the family ingredient list can make cooking cheap, delicious, and fun. Frugal cooking at its best.