Do You Own a French Fry Slicer or a Tomato Juicer?

If you own odd kitchen appliances like a French fry slicer or a tomato juicer, it probably means one of two things. You are either a very keen cook, who will make the most of every piece of equipment in your kitchen to make the best possible tasting and best presented dishes, or you are hopelessly addicted to buying gadgets you will never use. But if you own one of these items already and it is simply gathering dust, why not remind yourself why you bought it, get it out, brush it off and put it to work.

A tomato juicer will give your tomato based dishes a boost in flavor well beyond the level you might achieve with store bought prepared tomato paste from a can or jar. It means you can easily incorporate fresh tomatoes into sauces without the hassle of removing the skins and seeds and pulping them. You stick the tomatoes in the juicer and out pops the ready made paste full of flavor, color and vitamins, leaving the skin, seeds and stalks behind. It is so simple that you could get your kids to help. You have the satisfaction of knowing you are giving your family the best possible produce with maximum nutrients too.

With a French fry slicer, you can kiss goodbye to over salted tasteless oven fries. You can choose your own high quality potatoes and leave the skins on for maximum fiber and vitamins if you prefer, although many prefer to peel the potatoes first. With the slicer you can cut the fries all exactly the same size, either 49 thin fries or 25 thick ones from the larger potatoes. This means that you can present perfect looking fries and also that that they will all cook evenly and will be properly cooked, rather than some cooking faster than others and burning while others are underdone.