Freelance Video Editors Transform Tapes Into Family Treasures

Freelance video editors: If you’re like a lot of people you have a drawer full of videotapes that you’ve been meaning to do something about for years. Maybe they are of a friend’s wedding or video of your children’s birthdays over the years. In all likelihood you have video of family vacations you’ve taken over the years, unfortunately just sitting there collecting dust.

Why not turn those old videotapes into polished mini-productions say a half-hour or an hour long, that not only do justice to whatever special events are contained on the tapes, but that you can also easily share via Facebook or YouTube? Freelance video editors can do wonders in just a few hours with your old videotapes and at a price that’s probably a lot less than you imagine.

Video editing software has become much more sophisticated but is still available to be used on PCs or Mac computers. This means you can make finished videos that look to be on par with what you would see in a TV commercial or even a feature film. As advanced post-production video editing techniques have become available via software like Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere a lot of functionality has necessarily become more complex as well: in all probability you just don’t have time to learn a complicated software package, even though you would like to have your precious videotapes made into a watchable DVD.

Freelance video editors are easy to find on the Internet, and you can inspect their demo reels to see what they can do. since they know their software tools well their turnaround time should be less than a week. There’s no reason why you have to spend hundreds of dollars for a finished product with which you are happy. One suggestion is to pay for editing services by the job or hour of finished video, rather than by the hour that your editor works for you. Your finished video can be delivered in DVD format and in file formats that you can easily store on your computer and upload for simple sharing on social media sites.