Food Storage: Why Family Mealtime Is So Important

If you have food storage sitting in your cellar untouched, it is time to start incorporating it into your daily meals. If food storage is not incorporated into your daily eating it can ultimately go to waste. This is one major reason why many people do not enjoy the idea of setting aside large quantities of food for emergency purposes.

Actively making the effort to use your food storage in daily meals is the easiest way to keep it from potentially going to waste. One of the best ways to do this is to menu plan. Menu planning sounds a little scary to some but once you get started you will find that it actually makes life easier.

Along with saving you money and time, meal planning is also important because it encourages family mealtime. When you plan your meals ahead it means that you are actually more likely to have family mealtimes. While this tradition may be obsolete to some, it is important to establish it in your home. There are a number of interesting reasons for this that most people probably do not know.

Rib RoastStatistics actually show that there are real benefits to having family mealtimes. A healthier diet is one of the most basic positive benefits. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services found that when families eat together often they typically have healthier diets. Their meals are much more likely to be well-balanced and nutritious.

Another more pointed statistic found by the HHS also had to do with diets. They found that girls who eat with their families a minimum of five days a week are a third less likely to have general unhealthy eating habits, eating disorders, and issues with diet pill abuse. Along with this, they found that teens who eat with their families often are three and a half times less likely to abuse prescription drugs or hard drugs.

Family mealtime is a simple way to get involved in the lives of your children and to get the whole family together. If you do not enjoy cooking, you can even buy delicious pre-made meals from a food storage company. These can also be eaten on a daily basis and provide a nutritious, well-balanced diet for the whole family. Plus, kids love to help prepare them because it’s like magic watching freeze-dried food storage meals come back to life.