Tips For Making First Birthday Photo Invitations

Adding a little creativity for the invitations can be fun and exciting. Bear in mind that this is a very special day that marks your child’s first milestone in the world. when you plan on sending out the first birthday photo invitations, you are not only inviting the guests to the party, but are also presenting them with mementos of child’s first year of life.

First of all you might want to decide on the photo that will be pasted on the baby birthday invitations. the photo can be of them as newborns or a recent picture in their natural environment. Once you have decided on a particular photo or snapshots, you can have them printed from a nearby studio or an your printer. Make sure the pictures are small enough to fit the invitation giving you room for writing the wordings.

You can either go in for purchasing themed birthday cards or create one by yourself. All you need with be colored paper, laces, beads, ribbons and glitter pens. Pink color can be used for baby girls and blue for baby boys. You can also add laces and ribbons to the sides of the cards with the photo of your child at the center. You can also purchase stickers of cute animals or cartoons and stick them all over the baby’s 1st birthday photo invitations.

Wordings can either be written below the picture or inside the invitation cards. A simple ” Baby (your child’s name) First Birthday can be used as the title and then you can specify the venue along with the time and date of the party. If you have a flair for poems or quotes you can even create some and add them to the invites.

Making first birthday photo invitations is easy if you follow the above tips and have the necessary items that go into creating them. You can even browse a number of websites that offer tips and advice on how to create such invitations and make your party a huge success. Take help from your friends and relatives who have experience in organizing such events.