Fun With Finger Shadow Figures

Have you ever been to a party and known someone who entertained the children by doing finger shadows on the wall.  It was very interesting and fun for the children.  I remember them laughing and having a good time as simple and more complex shadows were done.  Have you ever wondered how to do finger shadow puppets.

There are probably many different ways and methods to making the finger shadow figures.  You will need to practice and try different things.  The best thing to do is to be in a dark room with a flashlight shining on a wall.  Then put your hands between the flashlight and the wall.

One simple figure to make is a rabbit.  For instance, you could have your palms be flat and cross your wrists in the form of an X.  Reach your right hand little finger around and wrap around the left hand little finger.  You will then wrap your two index fingers together.  You left thumb will be used to be the rabbit’s feet while your right hand middle two fingers will be the rabbit’s ears.  Use your left hand fingers as its hands.  Reach your right hand thumb up and lay it next to your left hand index finger so it is not flapping around and ruining the effect.  Now you can wiggle your right hand middle two fingers and imitate the movement of the rabbit’s ears.

Another way to make a rabbit is to make a loose fist with your fingers.  Make a peace sign with your index and middle finger.  You can make the mouth with your folded fingers.  Work with this one to make sure it is right.

To make a shadow dog you should put your hands up as if in a prayer position.  You should then part your little fingers away from the rest of the hand to make the bottom jaw of the dog.  You can then bend your left pointer finger a little to form the dog’s eye.  Cross your thumbs and point them upward to make the dog’s ears.

There are many other different things you can co to have fun with finger shadow figures.  Your imagination and practice are the only things needed to make you a great entertainer.  So take some time to practice and the next time the power goes out and you are wondering how to keep the children from being scared, pull out your fingers and have some fun.