How To Spend Time With Your Family Even If You Have To Work On Christmas Day

If you have to work on Christmas day, your family has no doubt already started complaining about you not being able to be there on that very special family day. You also know that selecting the appropriate Christmas toys for your children will require careful advanced planning.  You can pick another day that you are not working and tell your family beforehand that you are available on that particular day.  You can plan to have a great dinner out with them during that day, or an enjoyable time spent strolling at the park or shopping for Christmas.  Whatever your plans for the actual day, it must be something that can be shared with everyone in the family.

If your family can’t take a day off during the day you are not working, don’t worry because you can figure out another plan to be with them on Christmas day.  You should count the hours that you have to work on that particular day, and determine whether you are working on a night shift or a morning shift.  If you are working on a morning shift, you can plan to have dinner with them during the evening.  If you are working at night, you can spend the whole day with them.  You can even have an enjoyable feast together at home by preparing the dishes a few days before Christmas and keep them in your refrigerator.

If you feel that it is going to be very tiring if you have to prepare your own dishes for the actual day, you can even order food from a caterer.  They will deliver the food to your home and you only have to serve them on the dinner table.  Everybody can help you with the food serving, and this can be another way for you and your family members to get close to each other.  After the dinner is over, you can sit on your good old bench Ottoman while sharing stories and laughter with everybody else.