Family Safety and Mom’s Ladies Perfume

If you look around most households you will see a collection of mom’s ladies perfume on the dresser. It usually consists of about three or four different bottles and most of them are half empty to almost full. I understand that I am not talking about every household, but I think I have nailed a few of them. But what happens when you have small kids in the house who are going from room to room playing hide and go seek or handball off the ceiling (just an illustration, of course). Well, the odds are stacked against you that your bottles of perfume are in jeopardy of being spilled over, or worse, broken with shattered glass.

So how do you protect the family (mainly the kids) from knocking over mom’s ladies perfume bottles and getting inured? My first suggestion is to put the perfume in a deep dresser drawer if you have one. As long as the top of the perfume will fit inside the dresser, you can actually put the perfume bottles toward the rear of the drawer and secure them with a small jewelry box.

my blue little thingYes, I know that most of you probably don’t have a dresser drawer with this type of space and volume. Nor do you have a jewelry box that will fit in your dresser drawer. If this is the case, then I would suggest a using a shoe box that is cushioned with old socks. Believe it or not, the socks will keep the ladies perfume bottles secure by not only surrounding the bottles but providing the right amount of weight to keep the box balanced. Then I would store the shoe box under the dresser. This way, the box is close enough for everyday use, but won’t get in the way of the youth tennis match that is taking place between the hallway and your bedroom.