Family Fun With a Table Tennis Set

Table tennis is one of those sports that appeals to competitors and casual players alike. A table tennis set can be found at every level, from beginner to professional, illustrating the wide range of players that are attracted to this game. From family fun in the basement to tournaments with thousands of dollars at stake, it’s a versatile sport with broad appeal. One market where table tennis is really taking off is family recreation.

The good thing about this sport is that age does not preclude anyone. It’s simple enough for young players to get the hang of quickly and it’s not too strenuous for the grandparents to join in. Table tennis tables can be purchased in regulation sizes like the standard ones used everywhere or even in smaller sizes created specifically for children. The fun isn’t just limited to a family of four. If you have extra people, everyone can take turns and you can organize mini tournaments. The players who are waiting for their turn don’t have to sit on the sidelines. They can help keep score or retrieve errant balls. That way everyone feels involved.

You can put the table itself wherever you see fit. Keep in mind that if you plan to keep your table outdoors, you should buy one that is made to stand up to bad weather and moisture. Even an indoor table tennis table can be wheeled outside to make the most of a sunny day as long as you remember to put it away afterward. Most tables do have wheels which means you can move them around as needed. Some people put them in their basement, garage, or recreation room.
This is a great way to add some pep to family gatherings. In particular, kids can get tired sitting around the dinner table all evening. This way everyone can still chat and be together while getting some exercise as well. This means you won’t have to feel guilty about that second piece of pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving. A bit of friendly competition gives the whole family something fun to joke about.

You only need a few things to get into the game. The most expensive item is going to be the table but if you’re just planning to play for fun, you can pick up a used table and save a good deal of money. You will also need some balls. Quality varies dramatically among the different balls but zero or one star balls are more than adequate for family fun. You will also need some bats, which are the rackets used in the game. You can pick up a set at a decent price that includes everything from the balls and bats to a net. This is a great way to get everything you need without having to think too hard.