Entertaining Babysitting Activities For Kids

For babysitters, coming up with fun babysitting activities for kids becomes a hassle especially when you are a newbie in this field. You might end up letting the kids watch television or play video games as an easy way out but that is a big no-no. Instead, interact with them. Here are a few foolproof babysitting activities for kids that will make you look like a pro and make the kids ask for more:

Make forts – Make forts out of pillows, couch cushions, sheets or even cardboard boxes. You will be amazed by what they can create, plus it gives them a little hiding place that they can each call their own. You can also use these forts for story telling time.

Board Games – You might think making the kids play board games are a thing of the past. Think again. Board games can very fun for kids, as long as it is age appropriate. It can also become more exciting when you join in and play as well.  You’d be amazed how fast the time passes when you are equally involved in the fun.

Have a Picnic or Tea party – Make sandwiches, bring a cooler, grab a blanket and bring the kids out in the backyard. Make them bring toys or anything that they want to include in your picnic. Just be sure to get parents approval as far as what they are allowed to eat.

Role play – Kids enjoy role playing and they will definitely play their part. Act out their favorite scene in a book or make stories and act them out. Be creative with costumes as well. Use anything that you can find in the house. You can even help them present a small play for their parents to see. This will definitely bring a smile to a parent’s face.

Do not be afraid to be creative. Let out the child in you and just have fun. Letting them watch television is nothing compared to babysitting activities that will make the kids happy and satisfied. After word gets around get ready to raise your babysitting pay as you will more than likely become the most requested babysitter in town!