Know Your Emergency Backup Power Options

When a major storm hits and knocks out power in several counties or when the power grid goes down, this is not the time to start thinking about your emergency backup power options. No, the time to start thinking about them is now if you haven’t already. Power can and does go out on a regular basis. With the increasing threats from terrorism coupled with the ever present danger of natural disasters, the wise homeowner will have planned out their options for backup power well ahead of any blackout or power shortage.

Fortunately, there are several options for the homeowner concerned about emergency backup power. We’ll take a look at several in this article.

Obviously the first thing most people think of is your run of the mill gasoline powered generator. Thanks to imports, you can get a gas powered generator big enough to run several of your major appliances at once. I just recently bought a 5500 watt AC Delco generator from a Farm & Ranch store here in town for $600. It started right up and ran like a top. The downside includes the weight. This thing must weigh 300 pounds or more! I should have spent the extra money and got a lightweight Honda generator like the 2000.

emergency backup power

emergency backup power

Also, don’t forget that you’ll need a good supply of gas. Just keep in mind that if you’re without power, then chances are the gas station will be out also. Storing gas is dangerous, especially enough to last several days to a week.

Another option that has recently came available to homeowners is a solar generator. What these consist of are deep cell batteries, a converter-controller and a couple of solar panels. Basically your items will run off of the batteries and you recharge the batteries from the solar panels. Most of the emergency backup power systems I’ve seen have been portable, so these systems are something you can tuck back away until you need them. I would however charge and discharge the batteries on a regular basis just to make them last longer.