Effective Home Remedies for Poison Oak

Getting to know the different types of poison oak treatment can increase your knowledge in the event of a rash.  One of the most common and poisonous plants today is the poison oak.  When any part of the plant touches the skin, rashes usually develop within a few hours or more.  A person with this type of skin condition should find remedies as soon as possible to prevent any complication.

Household Items

Water and soap

Wash the affected area thoroughly with running water and soap.  Rub a washcloth on the skin while washing to remove excess urushiol from poison oak.


Another type of home remedies for poison oak is alcohol.  Rub alcohol on the skin and massage gently.  Rinse the affected area with plain water.  Use soap to wash any excess skin contaminants.

Backyard Garden


Jewelweed is a type of plant that can be grown in the backyard.  If instant access to jewelweed is possible, it can help in treating poison oak.  Get the jewelweed stems and crush them until juice comes out.  Apply the juice directly on the affected area.

Green Tomato

Another home remedy for poison oak is applying green tomato juice on the affected area.  Tomatoes are common found in every household kitchen.  This can be one of the most accessible poison oak treatments because of its immediate availability.  You need to get at least one green tomato and slice it in half.  Squeeze the juice from the green tomato into a container.  You can directly apply the green tomato juice on the poison oak rash.  The application of green tomato juice is more effective when a person is aware of exposure to the plant.

For immediate poison oak treatment, the application of one of these home remedies will help relieve the discomfort of rash and the itchiness that often accompanies it.  Natural and medical treatments are more expensive than home remedies for poison oak.  They can be very effective especially when exposure to poison oak is detected early.