Enjoy Easter with Easter Bunny Cake

There are many types of symbols that represent the celebration of Easter.  This Christian festival is marked by popular items such as the Easter Bunny, eggs, the lamb, cross and white lilies.  The Easter Bunny is a favorite among children and adults alike.  The time of year reminds one of spring and the renewing of life. 

The bunny is one that many children love.  Many families create an Easter Bunny cake for everyone to enjoy.  To create one of these types of cakes out of several easter bunny cake ideas, one needs a little creativity and interest in baking. here are the directions for an easter bunny cake

Easter bunny cake

Easter bunny cake

To begin, a cook should assemble the necessary ingredients to make the bunny cake a delicious success.  The recipe will require one box of white cake mix, one cup of shredded or flaked coconut, one can or tub of white frosting, food coloring and jelly beans. 

Start by making the cake as the directions state on the box.  Bake in two round nine inch pans.  Follow baking directions for the mix.  Once baked, let cool for a few minutes in the pan and then remove onto cooling rack.  Let the cakes cool completely. 

Making the rabbit shape is not difficult.  Take one round cake and cut two ears out of it.  Cut one out of the top of the cake on the left side and then one over on the right side.  This will leave you with a section that resembles a bow tie.  Put the cake on a platter.  If you do not have a dish that will accommodate it, try a rectangular cookie sheet that is covered in foil. 

Frost the baked cake with the white icing.  Use the coconut to resemble bunny fur.  Cover the face and ears with it.  Take a few drops of red food coloring and make some pink coconut to put around the inside of the ears.  Use red licorice to make whiskers and jelly beans for its eyes and nose.  Another fun trick is to take some coconut and green food coloring to make grass.  Sprinkle around the bunny cake. 

Bunny cakes are a fun family project.  Make one for dessert after Easter dinner.  They are enjoyable, tasty and typically a hit by the young and old.  Use your creative talents and create a family tradition that goes beyond the traditional Easter Basket.