Freshen Up with Dry Shampoo Spray

Dry shampoo takes dull, lifeless, greasy hair and turns it into shiny, bouncy, fabulous hair – in approximately 15 minutes and without even one drop of water!

Who Needs It and Why Would They Want It?

Any man or woman who is skipping a hair washing day for any number of reasons but still needs to maintain that freshly washed, clean scented hairstyle.  Whether there’s no time to wash and style hair after an hour at the gym or whether there’s no shower or electric available on a weekend camping trip, or whether there’s no place to wash hair before meeting friends at happy hour after work – it’s dry shampoo to the rescue!

Many people wisely skip a day of shampooing, while others skip even more than a day. The alternating of hair washing days is healthy for hair and often gives it more volume and manageability which is why many hair care professionals suggest doing it. Well, while we want the best for our hair, we still want it smelling and feeling it’s best as well. Having day or two day old hair can often mean having smells from the bar or the restaurant or the gym absorbed in it, which can rob it of it’s clean scent. Smelly hair is never a good thing! Also, some heads produce more oil than others, and thanks to dry shampoo sprays, those individuals can skip a washing day too!

To remove the build up of scents and to remove the build up of sweat and grease (or hair’s natural oils) dry shampoo can be sprayed on, allowed to dry and then thoroughly brushed out. Once this is done, hair will left smelling fresh and looking terrific!

Of course, having a fabulous head of hair can only happen if it’s healthy to begin with so it’s important to realize that dry shampoo spray isn’t a replacement for hair washing but is a lifesaver for those in between washing days. Another important tip for dry shampoo users is to be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Leaving the residue in can cause white powder to remain in the hair or if using a colored dry shampoo then that residue color as well. It’s imperative that a good follow up brushing be done when the dry shampoo is, well, dry.

For a great head of clean looking, fresh smelling hair on those in between washing days or during those inconvenient moments when time, water or electric isn’t available, dry shampoo is a beauty miracle product!