Dressing Your Child in a Ladybug Costume for Halloween

When you look around the Internet, you can see immense ladybug costume ideas for kids. However, they all have one thing in common. That is, the basic idea of choosing the red and black colors to complement the ladybug outfits. Thus, whatever ladybug design you will choose for your kid, you can be assured that they will look great in any of them. A ladybug costume is also easy to make at home. You only need a few essential materials to complete the outfit. Also, you can find great deals if you shop at online costume stores.

Whether you choose to have a home made Ladybug Costume for your child or a ready to wear complete Child Ladybug Costume set bought from an online store, here are a few basic items that you need to have.

~ LadyBug ~For the main outfit, you can choose leotards and tights, ballet tutus or a lovely top and pants. The order of the colors does not matter as long as both the red and black colors are present. You can choose red leotards and red tights, a red tutu with black tulle underskirt, red top and black pants. It would be nice if one of them is accentuated with red and black polka dots. Make sure that the colors are in exact shade for the whole outfit.

It is also important to include wings in your child ladybug outfit. Some department stores sell wings from the kids department. However, you can also buy at your special costume store near your locality or just order them through the internet. You can even make one yourself and ask your child to help you out so that she’ll be more thrilled to wear it. Red and black felt, glue and pipe cleaners are the essential items you need to make one.

Another thing is the ladybug antenna, which can also be bought at any costume stores or local department store near you. You can also create a home made ladybug antenna using 2 Styrofoam balls and paint them in black and put on red glitters all over it. Use pipe cleaners to attach them to a used plastic headband safe for kids.

See, you only need three basic items to complete a ladybug costume for your child. Remember, you can use additional accessories such as stockings, gloves and other red and black jewelries. A leaf designed as a pouch is another item to consider. Create a child ladybug costume for your kid now, and let them enjoy the spring on Halloween.