Dressing The Table With Style

Adding a special touch to your dinner table by selecting special dinnerware can be a great way to get over the daily doldrums of cooking 3 meals every day.  Meal preparation is not on many of our lists of our favorite things to do during the day/week/month/year…okay, you get the point.

Adding our own creativity to the daily menu preparation can be a great way to bring more satisfaction to the unavoidable task of meal prep.  Taking the time to add special touches to the table and creating an “eating event” is a rewarding feeling as we gather our family together for a meal.  Yes, this takes a few extra moments during one of the most hectic parts of our day, but doing so will bring a sense of satisfaction to those of you who do most of the cooking.

Start with selecting dinnerware that you love.  Just being able to bring it out and display it beautifully on your table will bring a little excitement to your day.  Arranging the place settings, adding some random decorations throughout the table, and maybe tossing in some nicely folded napkins will bring a sense of occasion to an otherwise repetitive event.

This doesn’t have to be a choice that ruins your budget.  Save the money for your food and gather inexpensive pieces for your table display throughout the year.  Choose many different colors of differing compliments.  Changing out colors depending on the season is a nice way to create a cohesive effect within your environment.  Your dishes do not need to be exactly the same.  Pairing dinner plates with different salad plates, unique serving platters that bring bold touches of color to the table, and special glasses that aren’t your everyday plastic cups is a nice way to add to the grace of your mealtime experience without going all out on expensive supplies.

With the holidays coming back around, you might want to check out some Christmas china designs to add just a little bit of extra glitz to your dining room setting.  This is a fun way to add extra touches to the season and then pack away your collection after the New Year until the next year rolls back around.