Your Dream Marriage

You have gotten engaged and set the date now all you can think about is spending the rest of your life in your dream marriage. A perfect dream marriage begins after the perfect wedding. When you start planning your wedding you have so many things to pull together. Everything from the invitations to the wedding gown has to be planned so that it will all fit you and your personality and all come together just in time for the big day. The first thing on your list should be to decide if you want an outdoor or indoor wedding, next comes the venue or the place you want to have your wedding.

The beginning of many dream marriages really depends a lot on the place the wedding is held. If you live near a beach you may decide to set a date in which you can plan a beautiful outdoor wedding on the beach. For one thing your wedding will definitely be remembered because if you have it on the beach you will be breaking the traditional church wedding. You can plan to have the wedding and reception both on the beach. Creating a beautiful wedding on the beach you will be providing your guests a fun and relaxing place to come to and share in your special day.

If your dreams about marriage have also included the wedding of your dreams then you probably already have most of it planned out in your head and some have even kept track of their dream wedding in a book. If you have thought about this all your life then you are a step ahead of most because you know the color theme, type of flowers, and what your invitations will look like. You will even have an idea of the type of wedding dress you want to wear as well as the flowers and type of bouquet you will carry down the aisle. Think about the wedding party, your maid of honor and the number of bridesmaids you want to walk in ahead of you. It is your day and it is very important for it to show everyone how happy you are and will be with your new husband. It is very possible to have the growing the marriage of your dreams if you are one of the lucky ones to start your marriage off with a beautiful wedding of your dreams.