Double Pushchairs – How To Make The Best Choice

If you are in the very lucky position that you are expecting a set of twins then, not only will you be excited and over the moon you will also realise that you will have to buy 2 of everything. When this realisation dawns on you it is understandable to become more stressed out. The most effective way to overcome or minimise this is to think and plan ahead. You need to focus on buying the essentials first and this includes the cot and if you are expecting twins the  double pushchair.

The double pushchair is definitely one of the most important choices that you will make. This is because it can work out as the most expensive and it will be an item that you will be getting a lot of use off. Many parents expecting their first baby make the error of rushing out and buying the first pushchair they like without taking into consideration their real needs and the needs of their child. This way you could end up with spending a considerable amount of money only to find out that it does not suit your lifestyle. It makes more sense to think things through and ask how you are going to use it. Think about your lifestyle such as where you live and how you travel. If for example, you will be shopping on a regular basis while using the pushchair then you need to think about accessibility and storage space.

With twins tandem pushchairs are a practical choice. The design of the tandem has one seat in front of the other. The back seat is usually a recliner where the baby sits and the older toddler sits at the front. This ensures the baby is not disturbed by the toddler when asleep. The design of the tandem is also narrower in width compared to the wider twin pushchair. This makes the tandem a lot easier when gaining access through shop doorways.

There are also plenty of accessories to think about as well for example, you will need to decide if you need hoods and umbrellas to protect your baby from the wind and rain. If shopping is an issue then you can choose a pushchair were you can add extra shopping baskets.